Poems concerning the choices that we make in life



For somebody that I used to know who I sincerely hope will make better choices in life one day. 
Lies and deceit just destroy happiness, and the quick fix, isn't always the best fix.
Sincerity means a lot, much like trust... and you don't play with people... they are not toys.

Lessons aren't only taught in school ... they are part of our daily life... and being considerate of others
should be the first lesson learned, and keeping your word should be the second, because no one wants
to be friends with someone who doesn't care about them, and who can't be trusted, or relied on. 
This is something that everyone should consider, before they say things to people that they don't really mean. 

I truly feel sorry for those who were not raised correctly, and mess up their lives, because they never had
the proper teachings from the start.  It isn't entirely their fault that they turn out the way that they do...
it is the society that we live in, but no matter what the circumstances we start out with,
we always have the freedom to choose our future, and who we want to be, and that is what we have to keep in mind. 

You can only change if you really want to change... if not....you will remain the same.


The path we choose is not always easy to take
In life we fall down a lot, and sometimes we can make a humongous mistake
But we always have the option to better ourselves if we try
for nothing in life is final until we die
Things can always turn around and all work out in the end
You never know what is around the next bend.
Time teaches us... however, the lessons are hard and long
but if you do what is right, you won't go wrong


Waiting for Maturity

They say that guys don't change, and I am beginning to believe that it is true
for too many times, I've seen men act as children do
Hiding the things that they have seen and done
and not being there for you... instead just wanting to have fun
People are not toys, and life isn't a game
Sometimes things change and will never be the same
We all know what is right... whether we do it or not
It is our own choices that make our lot


Do you pity a person who digs his own hole in life?
Do you feel sorry for someone who doesn't care if he gives you strife?
Do you care still for someone who ignores you and is never there?
Do you wish you could help them, because you know that life just isn't fair?
Questions to think about when it comes to someone that you once knew
Not knowing the answers or what to do.


Rules to live by for a happier life

- Be considerate of other people's feelings
- Have manners
- Words should have meaning to you when you say them
- Promises should be kept
- Friendships should be treasured
- You should be honest about the important things
  even if it isnt easy to say.
- Debts should be repaid when you are able to... asap
   especially to family and friends
- Apologies should be sincere, and not have to be repeated
  again for the same reason over and over.... if you are truly sorry,
  and you know you were wrong... why keep doing it?


The End of a Friendship

I once knew someone who I thought was my friend,
but he turned out to be a scoundrel in the end.

He lied, cheated, and stole
Sadly, he turned out to be just a real a**hole

He was a real charmer and broke hearts untold,
but to the devil he had his soul already sold.

I still loved and forgave him many a time,
even though what he did was really a crime.

I cared for him more than was right
I worried for him in his plight

I tried to be a mentor to him
but still he did whatever was his whim

He had so much potential, and he threw it all away
Instead he chose to be a loser.... I am sad to say

It pained me to see him throw his life away
It saddened me more with each passing day

But even to me he wasn't true
and that is why I am so blue

I realized with great sadness
to continue with him was just madness

So I do this with heavy heart
but I believe that it is for the best that we part

Sometimes the only way to learn and grow
Is to lose what we come to know

Maybe when the void of me is there
he will at last begin to care.


Death of a Guardian Angel

Said the Guardian Angel just before the end
To you this message I send

The truth you cannot hide
I know that you have lied

I know of your great sin
and at this game you shall not win

It is with great sadness the steps that I must take
But the choice was yours to make

I have cared for you from the start
but with your lying ways you could not part

Come the judgement day
that is when you will pay

Maybe then you will realize the cost
and what it was that you truly lost

I do not know what your future will be
because I no longer care to see

The angel tried, the angel cried
and in the end the angel died.


He was my best friend
but he hid so much
I didn't know how things would end
With reality I guess I was really out of touch.

I trusted him, and I believed
Things were fine until he was caught
So many people he deceived
and now life's lessons must be taught

It saddens me to what has been
All that was left untold
I wish he could have seen
before all this began to unfold

Maybe he will learn
Hopefully he will see
That trust is something that you earn
and not to be treated so contemptuously

The Loser

The loser was someone who just wanted to have fun
His greatest ambition just to relax with a cold beer in the sun

He didn't care about work, or earning a living
why should he... when other people were so giving

He just used kind hearted girls... both young and old
and he fooled them all with the lies that he told

He had no conscience, it was always his whim
All that he really cared about was just him

He drank, gambled, and stole
His heart was as black as coal

He was charming and clever on top to show
but cold and scheming just below

A user of people... having a ball
supported by women... no man at all

In truth he was only a bum
in reality nothing but scum

He always thought himself so smart
Didn't care about anyone else's heart

But in the end, he got to see
That not all things in life are free

Now he is trapped because of his lies
but it was all his choice, as his future dies

So now no one cares anymore
just like he didn't care before

He can't be trusted, can't be believed
to take him at his word... is to be deceived

Profile of a Sociopath

For the Believing Girlfriend

There she sits all goggle eyed
not knowing that he just lied

She believes every word that she is told
She thinks he loves her, but in reality he is cold

He is only there for his needs
there is no good in his deeds

Everything is done with a motive
For now he just needs a place to live

He wants someone to support him
and she is just so conveniently dim

So he will use her as long as he can
Then move onto the next adoring fan

He has a silver tongue and a heart to match
All he cares about is the money, he is no catch

He will cheat and tell lies
until the day he dies

But that is all that she will get
because she was just so desperate

She isn't the first, and wont be the last
She is just a fish that got caught when the net was cast.


Why the stories when you could be true?
Why the pretense about what you do?

I was your friend, but were you mine?
All I was told was another line.

I know that your heart is good, if you can get past the muck
but it seems that in your ways you are permanently stuck

I wish you could change for the better and see
that life can be so much more than what you think it to be

Family and friends, and people who care
really need the truth to always be there

I hope you will realize this some day
because with truth there is a better way