Hi, my name is Lorraine M. Boettcher, a.k.a. Lorraine M. Cornelius
(For those who knew me before I got married.)

I created this web site for people who like poetry, fantasy, and science fiction.

The name Lore, is my German nickname from my Mother, and I have always liked it a lot, so I like to use it for things that I create.  My husband Steve and I  also have a daughter who we named Kira Lore.

As for me, I  am into toys, dolls, video games, movies, books, music, and computers. 

As for work, I have mainly been in the banking field, aside from the years that I have been busy raising my daughter, but I also fix the occassional computer problem, and do upgrades on systems.  My husband works in the computer field, so he has been very helpful in teaching me things.  Banking is my first calling, but computers is my second.

As for this web site, it all started when my husband Steve created a web site back in 1997 with his writings, and he named it Lore's Lair, out of his love for me.  Soon after, with my husband's encouragement, I also created a web site... this site... Lore's Tales.  My husband and I both write poetry, and we just decided to put it on the Web, so that other people could read it if they wanted to.  It was our way of publishing our stuff.  

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy the web site.


Lorraine M. Boettcher    


   Steven & Lorraine 9-21-96     Lorraine & Kira 11-28-97     Steve & Lorraine 12-6-97


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