My Mom

My mom has a heart of gold, it is plain to see
She helps everyone, and she always loved me
She had a hard life from the start
But she always gave from her heart

Her marriage was very hard to take
but she did not her vows forsake
She was always strong
and never did any wrong

When her will was put to the test
She did her very best
She suffered for many years
She had many tears

She was always meek and did whatever she was told
I wish she could have been more bold
It nearly killed her to do so much
I am glad she lived, and that I could still feel her touch

She loved me with all her heart
as a mother she did her part
She protected me as best she could
she did more than some mothers would

She was always there
she always had a care
She never got any rest
She really tried her best

Now she is older
and the days grow colder
People forget how much she did, but not me
 I will always love her through eternity



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