Life... Love and Hate

In life there is a fine line between love and hate. Love is a strong emotion which can bind people together, but if that love is betrayed it can turn into anger and hate.   Wars have been started over a desire of what another posesses.  Mistakes in judgement can prove fatal.  People must always use their minds, and not let their emotions control them.  They must remember what is important, and not lust after something more, or they risk losing all that they have.  People will always get hurt, and then there will only be anger and hatred. There are no easy answers in life, but the hate only continues the pain.  Anger only breeds more hatred, and so it goes on.  At some point you must stop hating, and live again, because if you don't there will be no chance for happiness in the future. Then you must try to love again, it will be no easy journey, but where there is love...there is hope.

Moral #1: Mistakes can be fatal.
Moral #2: Don't let your own hatred get the best of you, try to remember the love.


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