Why, oh why.
I beg, I plead.
T'is a cure,
that I need.
A cure for that
which makes me
unable to speak.
It is only my voice
that I seek.
It all came on rather fast.
I do so hope that it won't last.
I will see the doctor today,
perhaps he'll make it go away ...
At least...so I pray.
I have a fever,
and I don't feel well.
I hope no one calls,
with a product to sell.
I cannot speak into the phone.
Oh, I feel so very alone.
Even for help...I cannot call,
what if I were to have
an accident, and fall?
I truly understand what it feels
like to be mute,
and have no voice...
I would rather be able to
speak right now
if I had a choice.
But alas...
my throat is too sore,
and my voice
is no more.
But until I can be cured,
this sickness...I fear,
must be endured.


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