A History

My Great-grandfather Andreas, my mom Theresa, and my Great-grandmother Elisabeth 

My maternal Grandmother Maria (aka Marianna) with my mother Theresa as a child - My mother's First Communion - Marianna as a child

My maternal Great-grandmother Katherina and My Great-grandfather Matthias - Katheria and her sister Susanna - Susanna and Katherina


My family on my mother's side are Donauschwaben from the Batschka area in
the Vojvodina what was once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, then Yugoslavia, now Serbia .
They are ethnic Germans from the Black Forest region that immigrated to the area in the 1700's via
the Danube river... which is how they got the name... in English they are the Danube Swabians.
At that time it was still part of the Holy Roman Empire.  At the time when my Grandfather was born
it was called Hungary, but it became Yugoslavia by the time my mother was born.
All I can say is that they lived close to the border, and it changed... but they lived peacefully under the King.
First it was King Peter, then King Alexander, and then King Peter II, but he was forced to leave during the war.
 I hope to someday write the stories that my mother told me of my family's experiences during WWII,
but for now I will just put a link to a site called the
Donauschwaben Villages Helping Hands as they explain the history of the people of that region very well.


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