I sit, I wait, I pray
I die a little death each day

I wonder why I am here
I wonder why I have fear

I feel like a stranger
in this world that I roam

I walk in a daze
my path unknown

I don't know what
the future will bring

But it scares me as much
as any horrid thing

I wish my fear could be taken away
Then I would feel better
with each passing day

Fear is a formidable
enemy to fight

It is darkness
against the light

Fear of being hurt again
Fear of being in pain

But what is worse,
To fear the pain of being hurt,
or to feel the pain of having fear

That is what brings
my eyes to tear.

If only there was a way to cure
If only there was a way to be sure

If only fear could be taken away
If only it could be conquered this day

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