Lore's Tales


I see you drifting...

I see you drifting away
another friend going astray
I was always there when you needed me
but did you ever really see?

Friends come and friends go
this is something that I know
I am a friend for eternity
but friends tend to forget about me.

There is nothing that I can do
I just feel a little blue
I guess I don't really matter at all
no one seems to care if I fall

I feel to cry
and a tear sits in my eye
but that is how life goes
and how it hurts me... no one knows

I am a true friend you see
I know when one wants to be free
So I just let go
and try not to let my feelings show

All I can do is care
I do my best to be there
but this is how it sometimes ends
Sometimes you sacrifice when you are friends


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