I am the Dreamkeeper,
step into my realm.
Desire and fantasies,
here become real.
Things which you thought
didn't exist,
you can now feel.
Do you dare to
enter my world?
Between lunacy,
and that which is sane...
Do you even
know your name?
Here you are not safe,
the dangers are many,
far too many to list...
You wander further,
into the mist.
Sceneries shift
as quickly as the sand.
You are lost again,
looking for a helping hand.
You seek...
refuge and happiness,
but instead find...
fear and loneliness.
I am the Dreamkeeper,
better beware.
If I so choose...
in your dreams,
you will have nothing...
but despair.
If you are good,
and seek to do no harm.
In your dreams,
you shall feel happy and warm.
If you are mean to others,
in your waking hours.
You shall have nothing,
but nightmares,
and will be stripped,
of all your powers.
For I am the Dreamkeeper,
the ruler of your sub-conscious.
Beware of me,
because all things I see.
All things I know.
You cannot hide,
for I will always know,
when you have lied.


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