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The Death of a Dove

There once were two doves in love who had become as one.
To them life was only filled with happiness and fun.
But then one day a great darkness came, and drove them apart.
One dove went away, and the other dove died of a broken heart.

They promised to be with each other forever to the end,
but they didn't know what awaited for them around the next bend.
Love wasn't enough to keep them on a path filled with light.
In the end, there would be only one dove left alone in the cold dark winter night.

Where once there had been trust and love,
Now there was just the death of a dove.
All because one heart wasn't true,
and there was nothing that anyone could do.

Fate had lied,
and the dove filled with sadness had cried,
she had only wanted to be with him
but his desires had led him far away beyond the rim.

Her love had slipped deep into the darkness
He had entered the world of forgetfulness
Eventually he thought of his life,
and remembered how much he loved his wife.

But when he finally turned back to see his love
It was too late, for all he saw was the death of a dove.
Her eyes filled with tears, opened in an empty stare
her life gone, now she no longer had a care.

The dove's heart was broken and shattered
Her life had no longer mattered.
She did not fight when the shadow of death came,
for she knew that their love could never be the same.

The other dove regretted what he had done,
but it was too late they could no longer be as one.
He cooed to his love and began to pray,
He didn't want her to leave him, he wanted her to stay.

He cried out that he was sorry and hadn't meant to kill,
he tried to revive her, but there she lay deathly still.
For there was nothing left to bring back,
the dove had already sunk into the deepest black.

The moral of this tale of woe,
is that one's desire can be terrible foe,
and if you are not careful to remember your true love,
it might just cause the death of an innocent dove.


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