I speak, but no one hears
I tremble with all my fears
I cry...the tears from my eyes...they flow
But no one cares, because they don't know

I keep my secrets, and pretend that I'm okay.
I pray...to never again see the light of day.
Each night when I go to sleep
I hope not to awake from my unconscious keep.

But alas, I wake each morn
Another day to wish that I wasn't born
Another day to go through...
Another day of feeling blue.

Yet I continue to wake,
so I must be here for some sake.
So maybe one day the depression will end
and my mind and heart will once again mend.

Wouldn't it be just a waste if I didn't hang around,
just in case happiness was actually found.
So I stay, and I wait,
and I leave my destiny up to fate.


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