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City Life

People passing each other in the street
Plastic faces, whose eyes never meet

Rushing here, rushing there
Crowds of people pushing and shoving everywhere

False smiles for those who can see,
and false words for all those who be

Stressed out zombies that roam the city...
too busy to care, or have any pity

Too wrapped up in their own self importance,
to even notice the victims of circumstance

Too uncaring to even look
Noses always in a newspaper or book

Life is all about money and greed
People ignore those who are in need

No kindness, no caring
No love, no sharing

People in the city care only about what things cost
The simple things in life...to them are lost

They care not for their families at home anymore
They care only for bars, or entertainment on a stage floor

Drinks with co-workers, parties alone
They forget the people who love them at home

Worlds apart, they drift away
People of the city grow cold today

No heart or morals left inside
No conscience left to bide

Only work and money matters to them now
For they have become the devil's plow


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