Better Times

There was a time when life was lots of fun
traveling here and there... and still not done

Thinking of new places and things to do
Trying to stay happy, and not be blue

What new museum or park could we see?
Was there anything that was for free?

We saw so much, and there was more yet to explore
Oh why did you have to hurt me to the core?

I remember sitting in the car, and you would sing a song...
and now I think just why did it have to go so wrong?

I miss the friend that you once were... even if it wasn't real
I just wish you could understand the hurt that I feel

I still think of the times that we had
and I just wish things didn't end so bad.



Time seems an eternity when you miss someone
Tears fall over what can't be undone

Choices were made that were easy for you,
but hard for me...

I cared more than you ever knew,
but you just refused to see...

You always thought that no one really cared...
but to see the real truth you never dared...

Now it is over, and how do you feel in the end?
Did it matter so little to lose your best friend?

I cried so much over you, I regretted saying goodbye...
But you really didn't care about me at all,
as your actions showed.... and that was why...