I Walk Alone

As I travel down life's road
I try to do what's right, and follow my own code.
For there are many temptations that I must pass,
even if they are accepted by the general mass.

I fear for the fate of the human race.
I believe that one day all morals
will have vanished without a trace.

If the difference is forgotten
between that which is right and wrong,
the human race will not survive for very long.

When we give in to the darkness of our being,
we are giving up on our future,
for we are no longer seeing.

If we choose to follow a path filled with lies,
and we no longer think about what's right,
a part of our soul dies.

If only there was an arrow to point to the right path to take,
there wouldn't be such confusion
when there is an important decision to make.

Everyone must make their own choices.
We shouldn't listen to other people's voices.
We must decide with our own mind,
if we want to see, or if we want to remain blind.

I walk alone
My thoughts are my own
People do not see
They think it cannot be

How can wrong be right?
How can darkness be light?

I wish people knew,
how important it is
to be faithful and true.

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