Spring/Summer Bi-Yearly Review 2004


Flowers, Pain, Animals, Insane
by Steven F. Boettcher

Roses are red
I am blue
my life is nothing
without you.
daisies are yellow
daffodils too
I must be crazy
hurting you.
Blood is red
veins are blue
why am I so crazy
crazy about you?
Crazy like a fox
sly like a beagle
don't you know
my nose is like an eagle.
My nose is so big
my heart so small
why do I feel
so off the wall?
I am dumpy
sitting on the wall
my life can't resist
the coming fall.
Falling into the void
where my mind is black
I can only fall
never to turn back.


Those Mythical Words Again
by Steven F. Boettcher

So the mythical words in the air
have returned to me
and they speak of truth
and unjust harmony.

Its a madness I find
with these words that rhyme
but I just can't seem
to find the time.

But I write anyway
because to stop
would bring me to insanity
and make me spin like a top!

This is crazy listening to
these words in the air.
Its not like I own them.
This is so unfair.

So tell me Paper!
Why am I haunted so?
For these mythical words in the air
Are all I will ever know.


by Steven F. Boettcher

A field of flowers
a scene of beauty
colors everywhere
Reds, blues, yellows over there!

I can see the hills
to the ancient west
A deer prances
as the leaves do their wind time dances.

The smell of fresh air
so clear and clean.
This is a dream come true
except it is missing you.




Stop Staring At Me
by Steven F. Boettcher

Stop staring at me!
I want to be alone.
Can't you see?
I want to be alone!

I see you stare
right back at me.
Is it any wonder
what it is I see?

The staring eyes
make me shiver and shake.
Why can't I run
from my unfortunate mistake?

Please stop staring at me
through those sad eyes.
I never meant to hurt
by telling my terrible lies.

I can't stand that stare
going right through me!


by Steven F. Boettcher

All alone!
All alone in the darkness!
All alone in the darkness of the VOID!

I can't escape!
I can't escape my fears!
I can't escape my pain!
I can't escape my self!
I can't escape this VOID inside me!
All around me.


What have I done?
What have I become?
What will happen to me?
Why have I put myself in this VOID?

There's no escape.
There's no hope.
There's only darkness.
There's only the VOID!





Clutter Falls on Mars
by Steven F. Boettcher

Plastic butter
whales a-flutter
This is another
Useless Clutter

Square balls
Black tiled stalls
Incognito malls
Viagra Falls!

Too much nonsense
Too much pain
Too much of anything
Will drive you insane.

Aluminum cars
Half pint bars
Cure for Sars?
When people on Mars!

Too much nonsense
Too much pain
Too much of anything
Will drive you insane.