Of Lore's Lair and Lore's Tales

An Autobiography of Drake...the Dragon

Created By Lisa Konrad

I was once a man. I lived in a land far away during a time when elves roamed the land and wickedness cursed the world. I was an explorer and traveled abroad for many years; exploring strange and wonderous places, sometimes dark and evil. I had another name then, which I have long since forgotten.

On one of my many adventures, I had come across a land that had been ravaged by a terrible witch. I took pity in people's plight to rid their land of the witch. The witch and I fought...I lost. As punishment, the witch turned me into a dragon, that she named Drake. She erased my memories of my life as a man and made me as evil as herself. The witch banished me to a lonely isle off the shore of her land and instructed me to kill all travelers and explorers who seek to enter or leave her land.

Years later, a princess sailed alone from the island, known to elves as The Land Of Little Care. She came upon my isle and we battled. Unknown to me, the princess had a secret weapon...a magical smile. Her smile broke the witch's evil spell and memories of the past flooded my brain, though I was still a dragon.

The princess' name was Lore. Lore and I sought out the witch to make her change me back to a man, but alas, that spell was permanent. So Lore begged the witch to change her into a dragon, like me, and we have lived happily since.

Over the years, Lore's magic strengthened, and she took over the realm of dreams. Lore is also able to take on new forms such as unicorns (her perferred shape). She became the Dreamkeeper.   After gathering for years the dreams and thoughts of mortal man, Lore said she needed a sanctuary so that others may learn what she has learned. So I created ..... LORE'S LAIR for her and I catalog and record all that Lore brings to me. It is hard work to wade through the abstract of the subconsious, so please have patience as I work to add more realms to the sanctuary of dreams, that which is called LORE'S LAIR.

Since the creation of LORE'S LAIR, Lore has taken an interest in the creation of her lair. So much so, that she has created a realm of her own called ....... LORE'S TALES. Here, you will have access to her inner most dreams, thoughts and other wonderful images and such. So please feel free to visit LORE'S LAIR as well as LORE'S TALES.


A battle was fought at our door step.
For many days, Lore and I toiled with
the great enemy.


Smoke engulfed the land, but we fought on.
In the end, the enemy was defeated. We survived,
but,...alas, much was destroyed............but not all.

For within the deepest caverns of Lore, beyond the great halls,
we were able to hide the Dreamkeeper's stash. That was
where we had rebuilt. Here, deep in the ancient caverns
was our sanctuary.

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Now Lore's Lair has been rebuilt again. Within a new domain.
At the center of that domain was built ...
Lore Castle.
It is here that Lore's Tales and Lore's Lair will forever reside.



This is the realm of Lore.
I am Drake, the dragon, the caretaker of the lair.

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Copyright 2001 by Steven F. Boettcher

Editor's Note: Flying Dragon GIF was created by Lisa Konrad.

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